Krewella's New Single "Somewhere to Run" Drops Next Week!


Engineered at Sphere Studios....Krewella has announced the upcoming release of their new single, "Somewhere to Run." A follow up to their November single "Say Goodbye," the track is slated for release through Columbia Records on March 23.

After DJ/producer Kris Trindl A.K.A. Rain Man's controversial departure from the group and the ensuing lawsuit between both camps, Krewella fans will remember that the lyrics of "Say Goodbye" alluded to the bad blood in no vague terms. Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf have not announced a new collaborator on Krewella, but it stands to reason that a new producer is responsible for the studio work on the track.

Krewella is scheduled to perform at the newly opened Omnia Nightclub in Las Vegas on March 20.

Photo Credit: OhDagYo Photography

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